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Class Schedule for August & September 2019

~ Introduction to Flamenco Technique - Tuesdays @ 5:15pm ~ 6 week session starting August 27th 

This one hour class is for ultimate beginners and those wanting to learn the musical techniques of flamenco including rhythmic patterns (compas), hand clapping (palmas), footwork (taconeo), arm and hand movements (braceo & floreo) and attitude (aire) through choreography.  Heeled shoes are required for this class (flamenco, character or dress shoe with a strong, wide heel).

~ Flamenco Technique - Level II - Tuesdays @ 6:30 ~ Ongoing

This class and is for students who have taken my Intro class or have at least one year experience with flamenco dance and want to progress. We will be working on strengthening movements and techniques as well as solidifying our understanding of flamenco structure through various song forms called "palos".

~Flamenco Fitness & Movement - Saturdays @ 11am ~ 6 week session starting August 24th 

This class will focus of fitness, strength, posture, and flexibility using the basics of flamenco movement and dance. Whether you are just wanting a fun, challenging, and unique workout with a great soundtrack or you want to get in shape for learning actual flamenco dance, this class is for you! All fitness levels are welcome - No shoes required. 

All Classes at Lunar Landing Artists Retreat ~ Bisbee, Arizona ~ Off Naco Highway

Prices: $15 for drop-ins/$75 for all 6 weeks

Payment due the first day of class. Cash, check or credit cards accepted.

Discounts Available! Pay for one class and get the second class for half price!!  

Space is limited so reserve your spot now!!

Required attire for class: Ladies – Comfortable top, tights, dance pants, and/or a full skirt. And Gentlemen – Comfortable shirt, slacks or gym pants. For shoes look for flamenco, character or dress shoe with a strong, wide heel. Comfort and support are vital!

For more information about dance classes or private lessons please contact Julianna at 208-724-9608 or

Photo by Joan Johnston

Photo by Joan Johnston

Private Lessons with Julianna 'La Patita'

Through flamenco, Julianna is dedicated to inspiring people to move, release and feel empowered.  
Take flamenco to the next level! If you are interested in a more focused and personal approach to your flamenco journey, private lessons are for you! Contact Julianna at or 208-724-9608 for more information.


Guitar Lessons with Derren D. Crosby

Interested in learning flamenco guitar? Derren offers private lessons in flamenco techniques, known as toque. Flamenco is played somewhat differently from classical guitar. With much enthusiasm and patience,  Derren shows his students proper posture, strumming patterns, and techniques to get you playing this beautiful music! Contact Derren at                      

MahaVia Education Outreach 

Being passionate about sharing their art and experiences, Derren and Julianna offer a variety of educational outreach programs for flamenco. From high school to university level, they teach the essentials of flamenco.  Offering classes for dance and music students as well as an informative Lectures/Demo series.

Education Outreach Workshop - Idaho Arts Charter School, Nampa, Idaho

Education Outreach Workshop - Idaho Arts Charter School, Nampa, Idaho

Education Outreach Class Descriptions:                                                 Flamenco Lecture and Demonstration: Derren and Julianna start off with presenting the history of flamenco, explaining its origins, influences, cultural impact and role in today’s world.  We will explain the components, structure, and musical dialogue of flamenco while offering brief demonstrations. , We’ll also talk about our personal experiences with learning this challenging art-form and have time for Q-and-A.  

Flamenco Choreography/Technique Class:  This class is designed for dance students or anyone interested in learning the movement of flamenco. Julianna and Derren will start by introducing a specific song form (palo) and it's rhythmic pattern (compas) with hand clapping (palmas) and move into basic technique including body posture (cuerpo), arm and hand movement (braceo y floreo), marking steps (marcaje) and footwork (taconeo).  And finally Julianna will set a little choreography (pataita) they can dance to while Derren plays and Julianna sings and claps.                                                                                   Students will walk away with an understanding of basic flamenco movements, rhythms and the relationship between the music and the dancer.                                                                                                                        Required attire for class includes:  Ladies – comfortable top, tights or dance pants, a full skirt and heeled shoes (flamenco, character or dress shoe with a strong, wide heel)  Gentlemen – comfortable shirt, slacks and heeled shoes or boots.

Flamenco Rhythms Class: In this class we explore the different rhythmic patterns in flamenco.  Rhythm is a vital component, and expresses itself in a wide range of subtle variations. We’ll focus both on specific rhythmic patters as well as proper palmas (clapping) technique, a deceptively challenging and important part of traditional flamenco. We’ll also integrate the cajon and guitar into the lesson. 

We are happy to design these classes around your needs! Please contact us for prices and questions about our programs.

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